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Continental CONTIECOCONTACT 5 Tyres

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Continental ContiEcoContact 5

Continental ContiEcoContact 5 is a brand of Continentals, which have been working with excellence in manufacturing tyres. Continental ContiEcoContact 5 has an excellent grip on dry surfaces and do not understeer even at high speed. These tyres also perform well on wet surfaces and grooves in the tyres help to evacuate water easily and hence do not lose traction over wet roads and can be trusted. Continental ContiEcoContact 5 have resistance to aquaplaning in which water which acts as lubricant between road and tyre which causes loss of traction and slipping. Continental ContiEcoContact 5 tyres have short braking distance on wet surfaces and have emergency braking, which offers security to the driver. Progressiveness of these tyres is also remarkable. Continental ContiEcoContact 5 is a summer tyre and provide high speeding at corners and do not lose grip while cornering and at roundabouts. These tyres often do not shriek at corners and are often noiseless, but sometime at unpaved and rough surfaces they have a little noise which is manageable and is not distressing. One of the best features of Continental ContiEcoContact 5 is their ultra-low rolling resistance: low resistance between tyre and road which allow them to move smoothly on the surface. Due to low rolling resistance these tyres are also economical to be used, as low rolling resistance needs less fuel consumption. These tyres have good handling on dry and wet roads and have good adhesion which grips the road strongly and do not let the tyre to lose traction.

Continental’s main target was to reduce rolling friction while maintaining a high level of safety. This aim was achieved by modifying the design of the tyre and by changing its contour. Compounds of the tyre, Continental ContiEcoContact 5, have a remarkable value in excellent short distance braking, low rolling friction and is environmental friendly (produces less amount of carbon dioxide), while contour of the tyre has increased the mileage of the tyre and its durability. The weight reduced sidewalls have also contributed in low rolling friction of the tyre and the design of Continental ContiEcoContact 5 as flat tyre having finest distribution of grooves is responsible for reduced tread movement and slipping. The cost effective and environment friendly properties of Continental ContiEcoContact 5 have made them one of the customer’s most favourite choice.

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