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Viking Tyres

Viking tyres was started in 1931 and expanded into Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the USA by 1983.
By 2008 they were selling one million tyres a year around the world. In 2012, they produced new summer tyres Viking CityTech II and Viking TransTech II.

Summer tyres

CityTech II tyres –enhanced water dispersal for less risk of aquaplaning, improved stability and cornering both dry and wet conditions, low rolling resistance for better fuel economy, low noise levels for quiet ride
ProTech HP tyres –high performance tyre offering reduced risk of aquaplaning, improved stability and braking on wet surfaces
• TransTech II tyres –improved strability and shorter braking distances on wet surfaces, enhanced water evacuation for lower risk of aquaplaning, long tyre life, reduced noise for quieter ride

Winter tyres

• SnowTech II tyres –enhanced grip and traction in snow, good traction and stability on dry roads, low rolling resistance for good fuel economy, long tyre life
SnowTech Van tyres –enhanced snow traction, better water dispersal for lower risk of aquaplaning

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