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How to find the best car tyres for a cheap price

When it comes to buying automobile tyres most of the people don’t really know what and how to do it. Usually, they go through the car tyre size they want and from there just get the tyre offers they find most relevant. Now what we are going to do is we are going to deconstruct a tyre in details so next time you understand completely how it is made in order to help you get the best tyres for your budget.

Cords are the part of the tyre that provides the necessary strength to contain the tyre inflation. It forms the ply and the bead.

  • Elastometer is holding the cords in place and protects them while at the same time forms the tread.
  • Tread is the part we see on the outside. That is the part of the tyre that contacts the road and needs to carefully be designed for maximum traction.
  • Tread lug provides contact with the surface necessary for the traction.
  • Tread void ensured that the snow and the mud are not going to get stuck on the tyre and imbalance the traction. It also has the function to deform the tread lug according to the surface.
  • Rain groove The rain groove is created to specifically channel the water outside of the tread.
  • Sipes is part of the tread lug that helps it get the road form to ensure stability and reduce vibrations in the car.
  • Wear bar are placed at the bottom of the tread to indicate when the tyre is worn out so basically, you need to buy a new one.
  • Bead is the part that contacts the tyre and the rim wheel of your car.
  • The sidewall is the part of the tyre that keeps the form of the tyre outside. It also ensures to make it enough flexible in order to be to fit different roads. It is the bridge between the bead and the tread. Also on the sidewall, you are going to read all the basic details of the tyre itself.
  • Plies are layers of inextensible cords that are embedded in the rubber and prevent stretching from internal pressure.

After we discussed all the crucial components of the automobile tyre let’s get one step further and see what those tyres are actually saying on their sidewall.

Most probably you are going to see something like the following:


205, in that case, it stands for 205 millimeters width of the car tyre.

After that is 55 that stands for the aspect ratio in % - so 55% aspect ratio

After that is the letter ‘R’ which stands for Radial Construction tyres.

The last part is 16 which represents the diameter of the wheel rim in inches.

Now that we went through the basics you must be fully aware how to make the online research for purchasing car tyres. You know your tyre size and you know how to put different tyres in comparison which will ensure you make the best purchase at a cheap price.

Make sure after you buy your new tyres to take time once or twice per month to make sure they are properly inflated and aligned. Tyres that are not checked regularly for those two things get worn out very quickly which will require you spending more for new tyres. All of that can be avoided by simple regular check with a pressure gauge for the inflation and your local mechanic for the alignment.

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