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Which tyres are best for you?

That depends on the type of auto you own.  A sports car will take different tyres from a family car or an SUV. It will also depend on whether you are driving on road or off, city or country, as well as the time of year it is. You will need the proper type for the weather conditions. You can choose from summer, winter, or All Season tyres. Each has its advantages. Each will give you different fuel economy. Also there will be a difference in noise levels between specific tyres and tyre styles. Some will be made for specific makes and models while others will be suitable to almost all cars. 

Let’s take a look at different types of tyres to choose from and what they are best suited for as far as type of weather, in city or country driving and what type of fuel economy you will get with those tyres.

Tyre for summer time driving

Potenza – For high performance vehicles
• S001 – giving you grip, precision response, stability, and traction in any weather
• ADRENALIN RE002 – offers you stability, control, and several levels of precision
• RE050A – gives you a tight grip to provide safety on wet roads
• RE050A I – designed specifically for the BMW to provide safety, precision control, and a good ride.
Turanza – A touring tyre for the urban city driver
• T001 – you will get safety, comfort, and precision no matter what the weather is doing in this touring tyre
Ecopia – Environmentally friendly and gives better econony
• EP150 – environmentally friendly provides safety, reliability, and low rolling resistance for better economy
General Use – Great choice for many of today’s compact vehicles such as audie, Nissan, honda, Toyota and many more.
• B250 – The perfect balance of stability, low noise, performance, and good mileage
• B391 – Designed for multiple cars with stability and performance in the forefront
• B340 –Specifically designed for the smart fortwo and roadster vehicles
Winter Tyre for winter weather
Blizzak – gives you control, traction, handling, and grip in winter snow
• LM 30
• LM 32
• LM 35
All Season good for year round weather
Weather control
• A001 – offers year round performance, handling, and a sure grip on dry, wet, or snowy roads with the durability you expect



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