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215/45 R17

The best tyre are those which provide a pleasant experience to the user and are useful to them. By comparing different features one can easily conclude which tyre to buy. By looking at a few basic things like tyre grip in different conditions, rolling resistance, fuel consumption, cornering speed, progressiveness and comfort percentage. Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08R and Haida HD912 are two of the type of size 215/45/17.The former is a summer competition and track day tyre with review averaging about 86% over 35,630 miles distance travelled. It has a dry grip of 100% and a wet grip 0f 77%, making it an amazing experience to drive on a bright sunny day with high cornering speed, strong rim side providing smooth steering and are quieter. While the former have an average reviewing of 93% over a driving distance of 3,000 miles. It is a high performance summer tyre with the dry grip of 100% and a wet grip of 80%.

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