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Sonar Tyres launched the Sonar brand in the Taiwanese market in 1996. It is now sold in more than 50 countries around the world. Sonar brand is built with a focus on superior quality products, at an affordable mid-range price. Sonar Tyres are renowned for their strength, durability and high mileage.
They make a range of sizes covering more than 80% of the European replacement market, with products for UHP, PCR, 4x4, SUV and LTR lines.

High performance tyres

•     Sportek SX1-EVO tyres –reduced risk to aquaplaning, enhanced cornering stability and grip, low noise for quieter ride
•    Sportek SX-2 tyres –enhanced grip, stability and cornering, lower risk of aquaplaning, low noise that provides a quiet ride

Passenger car tyres

•    Primax SX-608 tyres –summer tyre for urban driving, fuel efficient, good traction and grip on wet surfaces
•    Primax S-780 tyres –summer tyre minimises the risk of aquaplaning, good grip and traction

SUV 4X4 tyres

•     Conqueror SX-9 tyres –touring tyre for suv and 4X4s provides enhanced water dispersal for low risk of aquaplaning, good traction and grip on wet surfaces, reduced noise for quieter ride
•     Conqueror S-990 tyres –enhanced water dispersion for less risk of aquaplaning, improved cornering and traction
•    Conqueror N-890 tyres –summer tyre that offers enhanced stability, lower risk of aquaplaning, lower noise for quiet ride, low rolling resistance offers enhanced fuel economy
•    Conqueror S-860 tyres –an all season off road tyre providing enhanced traction on any terrain <

Van tyres

•    Duratek S-888 tyres –long tyre life, improved off road performance, all season, good fuel economy
•    Duratek N-820 tyres –increased grip and long wear tyre

Winter tyres

•    Powderhound PF-2 tyres –enhanced grip and traction for winter conditions, improved cornering
•    Powderhound PF-5 tyres –strong traction and grip in wet and winter conditions, long tyre life
•    Powderhound P-800 tyres –winter tyre offering strong traction, good wet grip, good water dispersion for less risk of aquaplaning

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