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255 60 R18 Summer Tyres

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255/60 R18

These are the tires with a width of 255mm between the sidewalls, a percentage width of 60, and a diameter of 18. These tires have excellent wet gripping, but remarkable dry gripping. Driving on greasy wet roads is no more a risk now while using these tires. They have perfect handling and good traction. These tires do not lose traction on unpaved roads and also work fine on paved roads. These tires are usually quiet and do not have much disturbing noise. Their noise level ranges from 69dB to 73dB, but some tires (depending on company) have a noise level up to 76dB. One has to be careful while handling tires of 76 dB at cornering because of their shriek noise, above all, they are a good option and have good traction and provide security to the driver. The fuel efficacy of these tires is good. These tires do not wear out easily. They can handle loose mud and sand without losing grip.

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