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Avon ZZ3 summer tyre has been designed for sport-oriented cars and is distinct because of these features:

  • Holding on dry roads
  • Excellent grip in wet conditions
  • Predictable on-the-limit handling
  • Available in W and Y rating
  • Rim flange protector that guards alloy wheels against any damage on the way
  • Confident drive with no fear
  • Fit for high performer cars


Avon ZZ3 outshines out of all other competitor tyres in the market. Coming in different sizes, it suits the best for sports vehicles. Enhanced and improved by several proprietary technologies, it offers consistent performance under most of the weather conditions. Optimal braking ability, predictable handling, and exceptional grip value on wet and dry surfaces make this tyre your favorite. When are you planning to get a new rest of tyres for your car in the coming season? We are waiting for your call.    


Avon ZZ3

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