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Exceptional Winter Tires for Exceptional Winter Drives


The Toyo PROXES R1R are high performance winter tires that are designed to be fitted to passenger cars. These tires are a combination of innovative modern technology that create a high quality road feedback to add to your mobility while driving because of their silica reinforced, high grip tread compound. 


Not Even the Winter Can Stop These Tires


The grip of these tires is also not affected by road and weather conditions.  Even if the roads are wet, it will not affect the grip and mobility of these tires because of their tapered center block edge, stability control slits, unidirectional arrowhead tread design and multi-width EVAC channels.  Not even wintry conditions will stop these tires from having a high quality performance because of their advanced autocross-inspired casing with modified radial construction.  So for a smooth, stable and safe drive choose the Toyo PROXES R1R tires for your winter drives.

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