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Tyres – the rubber that ultimately dictates the car performance

No matter how many features and add ups you have got on your car, no matter how much you boost performance if your tyres are not on point if you don’t invest not only money but time as well into choosing and maintaining your tyres you are shooting yourself in the leg.

Let me clarify. The tyres are the one thing that can tremendously boost your performance because that is the thing that connects your vehicle, no matter a car, a truck, or a motorcycle, to the road and make it move.

That is the reason why it is a billion dollar industry. Companies like Pirelli, Continental, and Michelin are investing millions into research, design, and engineering improvements.

Starting from that point let me tell you some basic tyre information so next time you are looking to buy, online or at the local store you know precisely what to look for.

What the tyre says

On the side of the tyre I am sure you have seen those letters, numbers, and symbols, but now is the time to understand what they actually mean.

Usually, most of the tyres have a letter ‘P’ or ‘LT’ as a starting point for them. This means they are either Passenger tyres for ‘P’ or Light Truck tyres for ‘LT’. While the first is designed to give you great control and comfort while driving on-road without additional noise, the ladder is made tougher because on one hand they usually carry a heavier load, on the other you can take them to off-road terrains. That means you can usually drive ‘LT’ tyres on a rocky, muddy, or sandy terrain. They are extra hardened but that by itself eliminates the comfort of the Passenger tyres.

Next. The number after that is providing details about the section width in millimeters. For an example 205 mm.

After you understand the three number after the letter there is a slash with an additional number. That is the ratio of the sidewall aspect in percent. For an example 55%.

Then again you see a letter. That is ‘R’ which stands for Radial construction type. This gives extra strength to the tyre when driving.

The last thing is again a number. The number is the diameter in inches of the wheel that the tyre can be suitable. For an example 26-inch wheel.

The last symbol that you usually can see is on the winter tyres also known as snow tyres. They have the symbol of a mountain with a snowflake inside of them. That means that the manufacturer has tested those tyres in the conditions involving snow and ice so if you are driving in the winter especially in colder conditions this is the tyres you must be looking to get for yourself.

From now on you will know what is written on the tyres and how to read everything without having the confusion when choosing new tyres to buy. Of course, if you are currently on the market do a good research online and keep in mind that cheap tyres are not always the best option. 

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