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Cooper ZEON CS-SPORT Tyres

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Cooper Zeon CS-Sport

Cooper is the second largest American independent producer and ranks fourth in the preferences of consumers in the United States. This brand, founded in 1914 has experienced the fastest development. Based in Findlay, Ohio, this company exports its tyres today to more than 60 countries, has carefully built a dynamic and innovative image.
Cooper tyres cover the segment of segment of high performance tyres. The CS Zeon Sport is another key to achieve this goal to lead the market with best a product for your cost.
The new CS Zeon Sport replaces the Zeon 2XS in the segment of ultra-high performance tyres, which stand out above all the range of Pirelli PZero, the Continental ContiSportContact 5 or Michelin Pilot Sport 3.

Ranked A Category
Throughout various tests, these tyres shown the extraordinary performance of wet grip, which resulted in "A" rating for this category of tyres. Thanks to a compound with high silica dispersion that favours an excellent water evacuation and optimum traction on dry.
The Cooper Zeon Sport CS has been designed and developed keeping in mind the driving enthusiasts, with a range of selection with sizes 18 "and 19", and approvals W and Y speed for ultra-high performance vehicles.


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