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Avon ZV3 3

Avon ZV3 tyres are summer tyres for cars of medium to large displacements. They stand out for their low noise level and good performance on the road. These tyres have an asymmetric tread which provides stability and driver comfort. Its central and side channels are responsible for quick drainage of water, significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning.
The mixture of compounds provides good handling and steering response, together with excellent cornering stability. Thanks to the rubber pads on the outer shoulder.
Avon is a well-known tyre manufacturer with over a century of experience and good reputation.
Over the years Avon has shown great versatility in the design of tyres adapted to each need.

Comfort: Thanks to its asymmetric tread, the tyre Avon ZV3 offers excellent acoustic comfort.
Security: Reduced risk of aquaplaning by rapid water evacuation.
Driving: These tyres have good road holding on dry ground and directional sensitivity due to a mixture of suitable rubber.

Characteristics of Avon ZV3 Tyre
• Tyre for medium and large displacements
• Acoustic comfort is felt while driving the vehicle
• These tyres considerably reduce the risk of aquaplaning
• They provide a favourable performance on dry roads
• They stand a very good grip in all weather conditions


Avon ZV3 Summer Tyres for cars


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